21MP sensor in 7D Mark II and 70D ?

 21mp sensor

Recent rumors show that Canon is developing a new 21MP sensor for new APS-C DSLRs. This 21MP sensor is for the rumored 7D Mark II.

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Canon 70D finally coming on April 23, 2013 ?


Update on April 23: There seems no announcement today, the 70D may delayed again for a new 21MP sensor.

Rumors from CR that Canon is going to hold a new press event on April 23, 2013.  At this announcement, Canon will announce a new product yet not confirmed, the most likely product would be Canon EOS 70D.

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Canon EOS 70D Specs (New sensor, Digic 6, USB 3.0, GPS)

Notice: 70D image hasn't leaked yet, this is Photoshopped 70D.
Notice: 70D image hasn’t leaked yet, this is Photoshopped 70D.

We just got the full specs list of leaked Canon EOS 70D. Compared to the 60D, there seems a lot of improvements. For example: The new 18MP Sensor, Digic 6, 25 AF Points, 7.3 fps, Supports USB 3.0 and GPS, and 100g lighter than the 60D.

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