Canon EOS 8D appears at Chinese Online Store too, with Specs

 Canon 8D

The rumored Canon EOS 8D now shows up at Chinese online stores Zol and PCOnline. This is not first time Canon 8D appears, the Russian store also leaked Canon 8D page.

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7D Mark II and 2 Pro DSLRs coming in 2014

Canon EOS 7d Mark II
Photoshopped 7D Mark II

There are a lot talk these days about Canon’s next camera 7D Mark II. Rumors from CR told that 7D Mark II will not be available for shipping until early 2014, yet an early announcement may coming this fall if Nikon D400 is announced. And there are 2 new sensors in testing for 7D Mark II, one is 70D’s 20.2MP sensor, and the other is new 24MP sensor.

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