Rumors: Canon 44.7MP DSLR (4K Video) to be Announced Late August ?

Canon EOS-1D C

Another rumors from Photography Bay, along with the new rumored Canon 75MP DSLR, Canon is also preparing a 44.7MP DSLR with great video features, and ready for announced at the end of this August.

This 44.7MP sensor (8192 x 5462) DSLR provides 4K cinema capability without bayer artifacts, and can do UHDTV with a slight crop. And, this camera will have a dedicated port for attaching an electronic viewfinder.

The challenge with the new camera has been to develop the processing speed to stream the video at full bandwidth while not chewing through batteries. The source further tells me that this is actually a conservative move for Canon; however, it s more important to provide solid image quality in the dynamic range area with no banding than to load up the resolution, as would be the case with the 75MP+ camera that is also being tested.

With the 4K video and other video features, , it seems like this 44.7MP DSLR will be another DSLR into the EOS Cinema lineup – another 1D C like Cinema camera.

via: Photography Bay