Canon PowerShot N now In Stock and Shipping

Canon PowerShot N white

Announced on CES 2013, the Canon PowerShot N now finally in stock in most stores in US. And early pre-orders starts shipping. The price for Powershot N is $299, with Black and White two colors.
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Canon PowerShot N Price, Specs, Release Date, Where to Buy

Canon PowerShot N is a compact camera designed specifically as a smartphone companion for the Instagram generation. The N is built around a tilting touch-screen, and its round-lens zoom controller and shutter release are designed to make it behave identically whether held right-way-up or upside-down. It offers a ‘Creative Shot’ mode that generates multiple versions of your image, so you get the shot you composed plus five alternatives with different crops and processing effects. To extend its capability beyond that of a smartphone, the N has a 28-224mm equivalent lens and a 12MP CMOS sensor that works with a Digic 5 processor.

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Canon PowerShot N

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