Sony to Announce three New APS-C E Lenses: Two far Primes and a Zoom!

According to the latest rumors from SAR, Sony is rumored to announce three APS-C lenses in June to July 2022.

When do you know Sony last announced the APS-C lens? It was the Sony E 16-55mm F2.8 on August 28, 2019.

Now, surprisingly Sony may announce three New APS-C lenses in May / June. Two are large aperture single focus lenses and the other is a zoom. 

Sony’s next new product seems to be an interchangeable lens for APS-C after a long time. Recently, Sony A6100 has become a discon, and orders for Sony A6400 and Sony ZV-E10 have also been suspended, so sales of Sony’s APS-C camera are shrinking. We are wondering why Sony would release three new APS-C lenses ?

The details of the three lenses only tell us that there are two single focal points and one zoom lens, but since the single focal point has a large aperture, it seems to compete with Sigma’s DC DN F1.4 series.