Update: Sony A7000 (ILCE-7000) Image Leaked! (With IS and Z-shift Sensor)

Sony A7000
Sony A7000

Update: This image is just a faked image ! Read detail from SAR

Here is the first image of upcoming Sony A7000(ILCE-7000) E-mount camera. It’s a semi pro E-mount camera that comes with the innovative new Z-shift sensor. The first camera that had this kind of technique was the Contax (here to find on eBay). The sensor can move for 18mm inside the camera to allow a perfect focusing with third-party lenses such as Canon EF lenses and NIKKOR lenses. So if you have Canon or Nikon lenses, you can use them on this A7000 camera.

This Sony A7000 E-mount camera is also the first camera having on sensor image stabilization.

And you will be able to use manual lenses on this camera and they will have AF and IS!

How Contax AX AF works:

The Contax AX unique autofocus system works with manual focus lenses by moving the film plane inside the camera. A side benefit of this arrangement is that it allowed the AX to feature a macro mode which worked much like a built-in 10 mm extension tube, allowing for a magnification ratio higher than 1:1 without the use of bellows or extension tubes

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via: SAR