Rumors: Nikon D400 will Have a 24MP APS-C Sensor, to be Announced in September !

Nikon D400

According to latest rumors from a reader at Fox2 forum, the long awaited Nikon D400 may finally coming in September, 2015. It will replace the Nikon D300S, to be a new flagship DX DSLR camera from Nikon. Canon has released the 7D Mark II for almost one year now, so many people are waiting for Nikon D400. In the past interview from Nikon managers, they confirmed Nikon hasn’t ignoring the DX line.

From Fox2:

The only ‘facts’ I have been told are:

– its on its way, will be called D400, is scheduled for announcement in sept  and will have a 24MP sensor.

Everything else is speculation but as it is likely to be the flagship of the cropped sensor range logic tells me that it will be a higher spec (and no doubt price) than the D7200 so would expect it to draw in quite a few of the bells and whistles from the D4s/D810 etc.  What would be very desirable (for me) is a fast burst rate, group area AF, high ISO capability, fast write speed and quite a  few other things I will think about over the weekend!  lol

via: Fox2

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