Rokinon to Announce High-end “XEEN” Cine Prime Lenses (Price for $2500 each)


Rokinon/Samyang is planing to announce a new line of Cine Prime lenses on August 10th, the name of these new high-end prime lenses will be “XEEN”. First coming will be XEEN 24mm T/1.5, 50mm T/1.5, 85mm T/1.5 cine lenses. Available for PL, Sony E, Micro Four Thirds, Canon EF, and Nikon F mounts. The price will be $2,500 for each.

According to NoFilmSchool, these XEEN cine lenses will have metal bodies, consistent focus marks, unified 114mm front diameters, 11 bladed aperture, and much longer focus throws than the previous set of cine primes. The weigh of these XEEN lenses will 2.5 pounds each.

More Pictures of XEEN Cine lenses from Cinescopophilia:

XEEN XEEN-50mm-Lens


You can find more on XEEN official website.