Pentax K-3 II First Look Review Leaked Online

pentax k-3 ii leaked

The Pentax K-3 II will be officially announced tomorrow, April 23. A first look review article has already leaked online. The K-3 II is an evolution in stunning image quality and modern features including built-in GPS, astronomical tracking and pixel shift resolution. Price is not leaked yet, stay tuned for more info.

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Pushing the Pixel Shifting Envelope

Starting with the basics, the Pentax K-3 II utilizes a 24M CMOS image sensor to faithfully recreate the color and tonal range in any scenario. Featuring Pixel Shift Resolution, the K3-II merges multiple shots in a single image to generate an ultra-high definition image.  A step-up from previous technology, the K-3 II acquires all RGB color information for each individual pixel.  The result is astounding detail, color reproduction and overall enhanced image quality that will generate an army of enthusiastic supporters.

In addition to expanding on its already stunning image quality, Pentax went above and beyond to make their latest model truly revolutionary in terms of high quality field gear. The K-3 II includes built-in GPS, (accessible with the push of a button) making it a great tool for the intrepid outdoor photographer on assignment. This includes an understated GPS log function that can record field routes to be uploaded to map services such as Google Earth ™.  The camera itself will record shooting location information, facing direction and the shooting date and time in image data. In case you’re lost in the woods or searching for south on a cloudy day, the on-screen compass is sure to come in handy as well.


Astrophotographers Rejoice

One more feature of this Swiss Army knife camera is the ability of its built-in GPS system to work with the camera’s Astrotracer technology.  Impressive GPS features work in tandem with K-3 II’s Astrotracer technology, essential  for amazingly vivid night and astro photography.  The camera will track and photograph stars by using GPS to calculate celestial movement, making it possible to capture stars as points of light instead of light trails.

No matter where you might end up on assignment, your picture quality won’t suffer on a Pentax K-3 II. Because these features come encased in an extremely rugged, cold-resistant camera body, it offers guaranteed operation down to -10 degrees Celcius.

Taking practical performance a step-further, the folks at Ricoh, also focused on high-speed response in this year’s model, creating a camera fast enough that a photographer will never miss an otherwise fleeting shot. With an approximated 8.3 fps high speed drive that made the first K3 a favorite, capturing split second shots of fast moving subjects will never be a problem. If you decided to track with your subject you can still get stunning results because the K-3 II uses Continuous AF (with an all new algorithm)for  tracking of subjects that move toward the depth direction. Additionally, the new panning detection feature on the K-3 II detects the moving direction of the camera and controls the SR unit.


Serious Shake Reduction

With 4.5 stop in-camera shake reduction (SR), loss of stabilization when using non-SR or even old manual focus lenses is a thing of the past. If you enjoy using manual focus, a Pentax is a no-brainer.  You can build a small library of lenses, and use very effective image stabilization in each one. The Advanced SR truly opens the door to a plethora of photographic opportunities.

One of our favorite things about this camera is that all of these advanced features are easily navigable, thanks to intuitively placed menu options and on-camera physical buttons.  Literally at your fingertips are tools that will give you the ability to capture moments as vividly you experience them. However, if you want to experiment on the K-3 II you have the option to create one-of-a kind artistic pieces using the palette of creative tools included. Everything from interval shooting, multi-exposure and built-in digital filters, are all available within the camera’s easy to access menu.

The K-3 II has the ability to capture Full HD 60i/30p movies, and also includes inputs to record stereo audio with an external microphone. The cameras artistic functions can be used in the movie function as well, adding a whole other dimension of creativity to your moving image.

In terms of sheer function, the Pentax K-3 II packs quite a combined punch of ultra high-tech features with rugged, durable design, all at a competitive market price. Even for those who may not have been aware of Pentax’s loyal following, many will find so much to love about this system and a superior selection of affordable lenses. The Pentax K-3 II is game-changing field gear for the most discerning and creative photographers who seek reliable equipment that will deliver stunning results.