Panasonic will Announce a New 4K Cinema Camera for NAB Show 2015

panasonic 4k cinema camera

A tease from Panasonic Tumblr blog shows that Panasonic will soon announce a new 4K Cinema Camera with Micro Four Thirds mount, this cinema camera will similar design to Panasonic AG-DVX100.

From Panasonic:

Do you remember AG-DVX100? As a DV camera capable of film-like shooting with Cine-like gamma and a 24p mode, a groundbreaking camera in the industry. I am proud to say that it was a big hit for us, and it has been widely used and loved by customers around the world for over ten years.

Now, in a world where 4K shooting is fast becoming the norm, we’ve decided to go for a new breakthrough, and try to create another disruption in the industry and hit like the DVX100. I hope you’ll come to the Panasonic booth at NAB and see what we have in mind.

via: PR

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