Nikon Z9 Leaked Specifications

Nokishita-C leaked the detailed specifications of the upcoming Nikon Z9. It is Nikon’s Z-mount flagship model,  now listed at B&H.

  • The best video performance in Nikon history: With an efficient heat dissipation design, the world’s longest video of about 125 minutes can be recorded on the memory card inside the camera body at 8K UHD / 30p. Since you can shoot 4K UHD / 120p videos without screen cropping, you can edit videos with the same angle of view even if you shoot at different frame rates.
  • Subject detection also supports video recording. In a future firmware update, it will be equipped with an in-camera recording function for his 12bit RAW video including over 8K / 60p over 8K, and will support operability and functional improvement in video shooting.
  • Nikon’s strongest AF performance and ultra-high-speed shooting: With an excellent algorithm using newly developed deep learning, in addition to conventional people, dogs and cats, new subjects such as birds, bicycles, motorcycles, cars, trains and airplanes It is possible to detect 9 types of subjects, which is the largest number in the world. “3D-Tracking” is installed for the first time in Nikon’s mirrorless cameras.
  • In still image shooting, the world’s fastest 120 frames / sec continuous shooting is possible with “High Speed ​​Frame Capture +”, which enables you to shoot moments that cannot be captured with the naked eye with a high pixel count of approximately 11 million pixels.
  • New technology “Real-Live Viewfinder” that goes beyond the view of the conventional viewfinder: Unlike conventional blackout-free shooting, it always displays the actual movement of the subject. Display skipping is eliminated, and the movement of the subject can be confirmed without interruption.
  • Equipped with Nikon’s first vertical and horizontal 4-axis tilt type image monitor, it realizes high operability for high-angle and low-angle shooting regardless of vertical or horizontal position.
  • The world’s fastest scan rate minimizes rolling shutter distortion in the world and realizes no mechanical shutter. It can be used without worrying about the life of the mechanical shutter.
  • The in-body camera shake mechanism is equipped with a lock to prevent accidental shaking of the sensor when the power is turned off, thus suppressing damage t
  •  the sensor due to shaking when driving on rough roads.
  • The number of effective pixels is 45.71 million, which brings out the performance of the NIKKOR Z lens and demonstrates an overwhelming sense of resolution.
  • High-speed continuous shooting that can shoot more than 1000 frames at about 20 frames per second even in JPEG format and RAW format.
  • In addition to adopting the world’s first double coat as a sensor dust countermeasure, it is equipped with a sensor shield. 

The video is really compatible with 8K60P (in future firmware upgrades), and internal recording is also possible, making it a surprisingly high spec. The recording time of 125 minutes with 8K30P is also amazing.

AF also uses 9 types of subject recognition and 3D tracking, giving the impression that it has evolved all at once. Also, the EVF display during continuous shooting seems to be different from the past, and it is full of functions that are likely to be talked about, so I am looking forward to actually using it.

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