Nikon D5 has a Big Removable Eyepiece and a Built-In Viewfinder Shutter (Leaked by Chassimages)


A user from French forum Chassimages has leaked more images of upcoming Nikon D5 full frame DSLR camera. From these new leaked images, we can see Nikon D5 has a big removable eyepiece and a built-in viewfinder shutter.

Nikon-D5-2 Nikon-D5-3 Nikon-D5-DSLR-viewfinder-2

Nikon D5 specs from previous rumors:

  • New 20MP full frame┬ásensor
  • New focusing module with larger coverage and 153 autofocus points
  • Native high ISO of 102,400
  • 15 fps
  • Body design similar to the D4s
  • 4K video 60/30fps
  • Full HD slow motion
  • Announcement expected in early 2016, maybe CES 2016

via: NR & Chassimages

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