New Pentax APS-C DSLR Camera Coming CP+ 2020 (Image Quality Dramatically Improved)

According to Japanese website “Photo of the Day”, Ricoh will release a new Pentax APS-C DSLR camera next year around CP+ 2020. According to rumors, this camera will be the successor of Pentax K-3 II, but not K-3 III, will be a new line of camera similar to K-3 line with best image quality of all Pentax APS-C cameras. The image processing mechanism of this APS-C DSLR camera will dramatically improved.

From Photo of the Day:

By the way, the story changed, but it is the “successor model” of the K-3 II. It is not a successor model, but is developed as the best model of the PENTAX APS-C single-lens reflex camera, which is different from the K-3 series. It is said that it will be a new line of products released “early” in 2020 next year.
It seems that sensors, image processing engines, and menu GUIs will be completely renewed. “The body size is not much different from K-3 II,” “image quality will improve dramatically,” “Plan by all means, wait and expect,” the person in charge of the plan said.

The new image processing engine seems to have a notable “image processing mechanism”, and the image quality seems to be wonderfully improved, though it is doubtful.