Most of Sigma’s Future Lenses to be Mirrorless DN Series!

More sigma lenses for Mirrorless cameras are coming! According to the latest rumors from KazutoYamaki, most of Sigma’s future products will be mirrorless DN series both for Full-Frame (DG) and APS-C (DC) cameras.

Sigma President Kazuto Yamaki said:

Most new products in the future will be the DN series designed exclusively for mirrorless cameras. The DG DN series for full-size mirrorless, which is frequently requested, will be the center, but we believe that we need to expand the DC DN for APS-C (+ MFT), which is currently popular. 

It seems that future Sigma lenses will be mainly designed for full-size mirrorless lenses. Sigma’s DN series lenses are highly evaluated and I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of lenses will appear in the future, but it’s a bit lonely that SLR lenses will not appear.

Maybe Sigma  70-200mm f/2.8 FE lens will be announced first?

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