High-end APS-C Mirrorless Camera Comparison (DPReview)

Chris and Jordan (DPReview) compared four flagship APS-C mirrorless cameras: Sony A6600 (AmazonB&H/ Adorama) , Fujifilm X-T4 (Amazon/ B&H/ Adorama), Canon EOS M6 Mark II (AmazonB&H/ Adorama) and Nikon Z 50 (Amazon/ B&H/ Adorama).

Below is the final conclusion:

  • 1st place:  Fujifilm X-T4: The most high-spec professional camera with lenses. The design is also excellent.
  • 2nd place:  Sony α6600: A wide variety of lenses including third parties can be used. It’s a high-performance camera that is strong against movies, but the body design is that of an entry-level camera, and I want you to improve ergonomics.
  • 3rd place: Canon EOS M6 II: It is a high-speed continuous shooting machine with high-speed AF, and although it has more lenses than the Z50 and can use Sigma’s single focus lens, it feels like it is not as powerful as the full size as Nikon.
  • 4th place: Nikon  Z50: It’s a camera that you can enjoy using, but there are few APS-C dedicated lenses, and if you use a full-size lens, there is a cheap Z5.


Top 1
Fujifilm X-T4 Amazon/ B&H/ Adorama
Top 2
Sony A6600 AmazonB&H/ Adorama
Top 3
Canon EOS M6 II AmazonB&H/ Adorama
Top 4
Nikon Z50 Amazon/ B&H/ Adorama 

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