Fujifilm X100S Wins Gold Award at dpreview

fujifilm x100s

dpreview.com finally published the long-awaited review for Fujifilm X100S. X100S wins gold award at dpreview. See the 20 page full reviews here.

Conclusion from dpreview:
Conclusion – Pros
  • Excellent JPEG image quality – little need to shoot Raw except to correct WB
  • Very sharp 23mm (35mm equiv.) F2 lens
  • Fast and responsive when shooting (with decent SD card)
  • Speedy and generally accurate hybrid AF (but still slower than the best M43 CDAF systems)
  • Versatile manual focus mode with effective focus aids (peaking and digital split image)
  • Excellent, highly versatile hybrid viewfinder
  • Logical and effective ergonomics
  • Q menu for easy access to key shooting settings
  • Useful DR expansion up to DR400%
  • Versatile in-camera Raw conversion
  • Film simulation modes are fun, and look great (Velvia for sunsets? Yes please)
  • Handy built-in ND filter has little or no negative impact on image quality
  • Optional wide-angle converter gives great-quality 28mm (equiv.) field of view
Conclusion – Cons
  • AF can still get confused occasionally even in bright conditions
  • Histogram does nothing useful in manual mode (when it would be most useful if it worked)
  • No face-detection AF
  • Rear LCD somewhat prone to glare in bright light (use viewfinder instead)
  • EVF switch can be fooled when sun is behind or to one side (occasionally refuses to switch off LCD)
  • Rear jog switch under-utilized (should be customizable)
  • Rear control dial small and fiddly – lacks clear detents
  • Only one-step magnification option in EVF/LCD live view mode
  • Highest ISO sensitivities only available in JPEG mode
  • In-camera Raw conversion doesn’t offer ‘live’ preview of adjustments
  • Still takes ‘long press’ of shutter button to wake camera from sleep
  • In-lens shutter can’t offer maximum speeds at wide apertures
  • Unexciting video mode, clunky ergonomics, so-so audio and occasional moiré issues
  • Shots taken in continuous drive mode still played back in silly ‘slideshow’ display
  • Focus must be acquired for every exposure in AF-S mode (use AFL to get around it)
  • Battery life drops considerable when shooting and reviewing movies
  • Very little warning when battery gets low (goes to totally empty very quickly)
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