D800E No Longer supported from Nikon ?

A Professional landscape photographer and Cameraegg reader Nicky Taylor send us a email about the Nikon D800E. He find that D800E is currently removed from Nikon USA’s page, see the pic below:

The D800E is still in stock at Amazon.com. Here is what the Nicky said:

Ok so for those of you who read my last post know I was in the market
for a new camera. I was undecided with the D800e (version) or a DMF

After the LONG discussion in the thread I decided to go for the Nikon.
I have just got off the phone with them asking where I can find it in
stock, as I want to buy it ASAP for a trip next month. You can imagine
my shock when he turn around and says, “The d800e no longer supported
by Nikon” AKA they are not going to stock or make anymore.

Either I missed a HUGE news blast about this or they have kept that
one very quiet. Anyone else heard about this? I phoned the Nikon USA Number

Back to stage one but now I have sold all my canon gear ready to buy
my new camera so is now WITHOUT a camera for the first time in 15

Also NOTE –


there product page no longer even displays the D800e… Well guess im
back in the market for a camera

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