Sony to announce 24 MP Cheap NEX-FF and 36 MP High-End NEX-FF in October

sony full frame nex

Sony will announce two NEX-FF mirrorless cameras in October. As heard before, there will be two versions: A cheap NEX-FF price around $2,000, A high-end NEX-FF price over $3,000.

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Sony 28-70mm FE f/4.0 will be the kit lens for NEX-FF

Sony 28-70mm f 4.0 FE lens
Sony 28-70mm f 4.0 FE lens patent

The Sony NEX-FF full frame mirrorless camera will be announced in October, 2013. And the first kit lens for NEX-FF will be the Sony 28-70mm FE f/4.0 lens – a cheap lens for Sony NEX-FF.

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Zeiss 24-70mm FE lens, another full frame E-mount lens for NEX-FF

Zeiss 24-70mm f/2.8 A-mount lens
Current Zeiss 24-70mm f/2.8 A-mount lens

Along with the new Sony NEX-FF mirrorless camera and early leaked two Zeiss FE lenses, there will be another full frame zoom e-mount lens coming too.

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