Nikon D750 now Back In Stock

Nikon D750

The new Nikon D750 was recalled by Nikon due to the reflection/flare issue, now it was back in stock at B&H Photo Video, also Amazon and Adorama may coming back in stock soon.

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Nikon D750 Service Advisory for Reflection / Flare Issue

nikon d750

Nikon USA has issued a service advisory for the reflection/flare issue on the Nikon D750 camera. You can check you D750 serial number on this website (here is the EU link) if is affected and needs to be repaired. And if your camera already got repaired, you will see a black dot inside the tripod socket on the bottom of the camera.

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Nikon D750, D810, D800, D800E, D610, D600 Firmware Updates “I AM Advancing” Coming on January 19th, 2015


According to a leaked press release from Nikon USA, Nikon will announce a new firmware updates program called “I AM Advancing” on January 19th, 2015. This “I AM Advancing” firmware update program will allow you download new firmwares for Nikon DSLRs for free for first three years. On January 19th, there will be firmware updates for 6 FX cameras (D750, D810, D800, D800E, D610, D600).  The new website for “I AM Advancing” will be located at (not yet active).

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High ISO Comparison: Nikon D750 Vs. D810 Vs. 7D Mark II Vs. 5D Mark III

d750 d810 7d 2 5d 3 high iso 51200
ISO 51200, RAW

dpreview has add Nikon D750 and Canon EOS 7D Mark II into their studio shot comparison tool. You can now compare D750 and 7D Mark II with other related DSLR cameras.

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