Canon to Release New EOS R Bodies with 100MP and IBIS

As rumored before, the IBIS feature will coming to an EOS R camera sometime in this year. Canon will also release a new EOS R camera body that have a 100MP full frame sensor, to replace current EOS 5DS/5DS R DSLR cameras.

Before the first EOS R full frame mirrorless camera released, there are also prototypes with IBIS floating around during testing. So it’s safe to say that Canon will embrace IBIS in an upcoming release in 2019.

The EOS 5DS/5DS R high megapixel full frame DSLR cameras are rumored to be discontinued, and they will be replaced by new EOS R full frame mirrorless cameras with 100MP sensor. We’d likely to see this EOS R body released around 2020, before there are enough native RF lenses for landscape and studio shooters.

via: CR