Canon EOS R7, EOS R10, RF-S 18-45mm IS and RF-S 18-150mm IS Lens to be Announced

There are rumors on the internet about Canon EOS R7 and  Canon EOS R10  and two interchangeable lenses for APS-C.

Canon’s new products have been added to the latest product list.

  • Canon EOS R7 body
  • Canon EOS R7 18-150mm Kit
  • Canon EOS R10 body
  • Canon EOS R10 18-45mm Kit
  • Canon EOS R10 18-150mm Kit
  • Canon RF-S 18-45mm IS lens
  • Canon RF-S 18-150mm IS lens

  If this is true,  Canon has another camera, Canon EOS R10, in addition to the rumored Canon EOS R7. Is the R10 a camera in the same position as the 90D or 9000D?

Regarding lenses, in addition to the rumored 18-45mm, it seems that a high-magnification 18-150mm will also appear. We are wondering how much RF-S lenses will be lined up in the future.

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