Canon EOS R5 and R6 Overheating Issues

Canon has just officially released two new full-frame mirrorless  Canon EOS R5 and Canon EOS R6. However, when they record video, especially when shooting 8K or 4K 60p, they will quickly overheat.  The second issue is when they reach an overheating threshold,  how long the cameras need to cool down.

Will Canon take any action on this issue? CR  posted below:

  •  Canon is actively working on measures to extend the video recording time and shorten the cooldown time. At the moment it is unclear what these measures will look like.
  • They suspect that some of the measures are firmware, but is Canon considering a measure with hardware?
  • The second shipment of cameras has been delayed. Adorama said the second shipment of EOS R5 will be significantly delayed.  
  • In addition, readers received an email from Canon store support saying “EOS R5 is sold out within a few hours of its release, and next shipment is expected in November.”
  •  “Canon is working on multiple measures and will make a statement in next some weeks.”
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