Canon EOS-1D X Vs. Nikon D4 High ISO Test

Canon EOS-1D X and Nikon D4 high ISO test now available online. made a full comparison about Nikon D4 and Canon EOS-1D X.

You can download full size original files: Click here

  • ISO performance: Nikon D4 seemed to have cleaner highlights, while the Canon 1Dx appeared to have better contrast and possibly cleaner shadows. In the end, if we have to award a point here and pick a winner, it’s the Nikon D4 – by a hair.
  • AF in Low-light: During the low-light Test condition Nikon D4 performed better, focuses bit quickly than Nikon D4.
  • AF Speed: The Canon 1Dx ABSOLUTELY DESTROYED the Nikon D4 in the AF speed test. Canon 1D X is three times faster than the Nikon D4.
  • Autofocus Consistency: Winner Canon 1D X
  • Shadow recovery: Winner Nikon D4

Store Price Cheapest Price
Canon EOS-1D X $6,799.00 Pre-order
Nikon D4 $5,999.00 Buy Now
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