Are These Pictures Taken by Nikon D760 with Incredible Low Light Capabilities ?


A Swedish photographer Tomas Jönsson several days ago posted two photos on his Facebook page, he claims that these pictures were taken with a new Nikon D7xx full frame DSLR camera (have announced yet) that has some incredible low light performance. According to previous rumors, Nikon will announce Nikon D760 as a “baby Nikon D5” in 2017, so these photos coud be taken by Nikon D760 full frame DSLR camera.

First photo:

d760 photo



Need to get to share a little picture. Most to fotonördar, but the rest of you might like it too? Photographed in the middle of the night December 2015. Moonlight, but toksvart anyway. Tested New Model / Sensor mm. This camera will be 2017 and I’ve never seen counterpart. The roar is sick low af the module will be like Nikon D5 / D500 D500 is best of all that exist today. D500, is better / faster than Canon / Nikon price laptops. Dynamics, mmm. What now, your eyes don’t see three-four trees removed. The camera sees this 🙂

Second photo:

d760 picture


Well picture from another time. 2.5 sec. No moonlight. Had spot on the LED headlamp to find her daughter. PITCH BLACK! I did not see her, not even 0.05% of her. Nada, the spot on the lamp, set the focus and take the picture. Lute shaking when she moves, stand, but check the heather. Cruelly. 0.0 light.

Well not a new ” Toppproffsmodell ‘. Inherits Mkt Fr D5 / D500. Fullformat. D7 **. Wish it without aa filters. But probably with it. I have Sony Fullformat O Nikon D500 which is a crazy good camera. Borrowed D500. Lowered my. But New Nikon I will probably switch to, depending on the aa the filter.

This is more crazy 🙂 check it out. No Moonlight Here. No light at all. Nada! Total Black Forest. I was looking with pannlampan after Emmy. Asked sharpness with pannlampan in hand that shone upon her. Sek 2,5, Tripod. She’s not still but see Heather. Absurd..

via: NR

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