Another Nikon FF Mirrorless Lens Patent: Nikkor PC-E 19mm f/4 Tilt-shift

pc-e 19mm f4 ff mirrorless

Nikon Japan has filed another Nikon full frame mirrorless lens patent today. This is AF-S NIKKOR PC-E 19mm f/4 Tilt-shift full frame mirrorless lens. The second full frame mirrorless lens from Nikon, the first one is Nikon 28-80mm f/3.5-5.6 VR lens.


According to the NikonRumors, the new Nikon full frame mirrorless camera is rumored to be announced around Photokina 2016. Below is quotes from Toshiaki Akagi (Department Manager in Nikon Design Department):

“We know that there is a certain body of demand for larger sensors in mirrorless products. Although we already have the 1 inch sensor in the 1 System, we don’t want to deny the possibility of future large-sensor mirrorless cameras. So maybe if there is enough demand we may be able to provide another type of mirrorless camera with larger sensors. This is one of the solutions.”

via: NR, EGAMI

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