AF-S NIKKOR 105mm f/1.4E ED Lens DxOMark Tested: Best Nikon Lens Ever !

af-s 105mm f 1.4e

DxOMark has tested the new Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 105mm f/1.4E ED Lens (Amazon / B&H / Adorama) today. This lens is Nikon’s latest mid-telephoto prime lens, costs $2,196.95 in US, tested on Nikon D810, this lens is the best lens ever from Nikon according to DxOMark, see the test result below:



af-s nikkor 105mm f 14eed

Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 105mm f/1.4E ED vs. Nikon AF-S VR Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/2.8G IF-ED vs. Nikon AF DC-Nikkor 105mm f/2D:


Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 105 mm f/1.4E ED vs. Nikon AF-S Nikkor 85 mm f/1.4G vs. Nikon AF-S Nikkor 58 mm f/1.4G:



Conclusions from DxOMark:

One of the 85mm’s most attractive features is its more manageable size: the 105mm is significantly larger and heavier.

However, the new model has more uniform sharpness across the frame, even wide-open —  useful if you’re composing away from the center; and it has far lower fringing than the 85mm. Although there’s little to choose from between the two focal lengths, the improved performance of the 105mm F1.4 could be enough to sway potential purchasers away from the 85mm F1.4.