Up to $50 off Tokina mail-in rebates now available


Tokina new mail-in rebates now available. Through August 31, 2013, you can save up to $50 mail-in rebates on selected Tokina lenses.

  • AT-X 100mm Macro: $30 rebate
  • AT-X 10-17mm AF DX Fisheye: $40.00 rebate
  • AT-X 10-17mm AF DX Fisheye NH: $40.00 rebate
  • AT-X 16-28mm PRO FX: $50.00 rebate
  • AT-X 17-35mm PRO FX: $40.00 rebate
  • AT-X 11-16mm PRO DX-II: $40.00 rebate

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