Specs Sheet of 5 New Sony Full Frame CMOS Sensors

Sony E mount Rumors has posted first leaked datesheet of 5 new Sony full frame CMOS sensors. They are IMX311, IMX313, IMX409, IMX521, IMX554.

Sony IMX311AQK

IMX311 is a 48MP BSI & Stack full frame sensor, employs an innovative 45 degree diagonal pixel array with BSI and stacked design, it can output 96MP/24MP RGB RAW stream.

Sony IMX313AQK

IMX313 is a high speed 48MP BSI Stacked FF sensor.

Sony IMX409BQJ

IMX409BQJ is a low cost, high resolution and high speed 54MP BSI FF sensor:


Sony IMX521CQR

IMX521CQR is a high speed, high sensitivity Quad Bayer 15MP BSI FF sensor

Sony IMX554DQC

IMX554DQC is a ultra-high speed 30MP BSI and stacked FF sensor: