Sony will announce two A-mount Cameras: 4K and Fast Full Frame for Action Photography

Sony 4K Prototype Camera shows on NAB
Sony 4K Prototype Camera shows on NAB

According to Swedish photography site Fotosidan, they got news from Sony that two A-mount pro DSLR camera will be announced soon. One is 4K camera, another is Fast Full Frame Camera for action & sports photography.

“More cameras on the way On the press meeting Yoshiyuki Nogama told us that a video-targeted system camera with A-mount is on the way/being developed. It shall compete with Canon EOS 5D Mk III and will have Ultra HD video (4K). We guess that this is a continuation of Sony a99. The Sony director also told us that further ahead Sony will launch a really fast full frame camera for action photography,”

In April 2013 at NAB show, Sony already shows their 4K prototype camera, see the image above.

via: SAR