Sigma Interview at Photokina: Talking About L-mount Full Frame Camera, New Lenses and More

Cinema5D has a new interview with Sigma CEO, talking about the L-mount alliance, Sigma full frame cameras, and New lenses announced at Photokina 2018.

SIGMA Full Frame Camera

SIGMA already started this project three years ago when they decided to develop their own full frame sensor. The sensor is still in development, but it seems like it will be used in the upcoming L-mount cameras.

L-Mount Alliance

For their upcoming full frame sensor, SIGMA initially wanted to develop their own mount with short flange focal distance (for slim mirrorless bodies). In the end, SIGMA decided to join forces with Panasonic and Leica and work on the L-Mount together.

All three companies of the L-Mount alliance – Panasonic, Leica and SIGMA – are manufacturers of both, lenses and cameras. We were informed that each company in the alliance is in the process of developing their products separately, not disclosing their product roadmaps to each other. However, they work together on making the L-Mount robust and providing enough lenses and accessories for it.

In regards to new Nikon and Canon mirrorless mounts, SIGMA is interested in producing lenses for those in the future. For now, the L-Mount lenses are a priority for the company.

New SIGMA Lenses

Last but not least, SIGMA announced five new lenses here at Photokina 2018. Three prime lenses – 28mm, 40mm, 56mm and two telephoto zooms – 70-200mm and 60-600mm.