Nikon new lens patents: 50mm f/1.2, 60mm f/1.2


Nikon has filed two new lens patents: 50mm f/1.2, 60mm f/1.2.

In the past, Nikon already filed several 50mm patents such as 58mm f/1.2, 58mm f/1.4, see the list below:

Patent application history of Noct-Nikkor
Date Action Object Remarks
2009.11 Application 50mm F1.2, 50mm F1.4 JP 2011-113052
2011.4 Application 50mm F1.2 , 60mmF1.2 JP 2012-220754
2011.4 Application 58mm F1.2 JP 2012-230340,2012-230133
2011.6 Application 58mm F1.2 JP 2013-11831
2011.7 Application 58mm F1.2, 58mm F1.4 JP 2013-19992,2013-19993,2013-19994
2012.1 Application 50mm F1.2 , 60mmF1.2 JP 2013-145337 

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