Nikon D5500 to be Announced at CES 2015, D7200 at CP+ Show 2015

Nikon D5500

According to NR, Nikon will announce two DX (APS-C) DSLR cameras in early 2015. One is Nikon D5300 successor, will be named Nikon D5500, the other is Nikon D7100 successor, will be named Nikon D7200.

The Nikon D5500 will have an APS-C sensor with a touchscreen LCD screen, it will be announced around CES 2015 in January. The Nikon D7200 will be announced at CP+ show in Japan, February, 2015, here are rumored specs of Nikon D7200. There is still no info on rumored Nikon D9300 camera.


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