New patent for Nikon 100-300mm f/4 full frame lens

Nikon filed patent 201293548 in Japan for a Nikon 100-300mm f/4 full frame lens:

  • Patent release date: May 17th, 2012
  • Patent filing date: October 27th, 2010
  • Focal length: 102 – 294mm
  • Aperture: 4.1
  • Angle of view: 8.2 – 24.1 deg
  • Lens length: 282.43mm
  • Image height: 21.6mm
  • Lens design: 22 elements in 16 groups, 4 ED elements

Nikon patents pending for 100-300mm F4. In telephoto zoom lens corresponding to theFX format, degree completion is likely quite high. Because at the moment seems not to have been taken into account to VR, is working to improve what you want in the future.Because the design which might be heavy, and the successor of 300mm f/4D IF-ED AiAF-S Nikkor is, then you may want it also provided separately.