New Leica Q (Typ 116) Fixed Lens Camera: 24MP FF Sensor, Price around $4,500



Update: See all leaked images specs of Leica Q TYP 116.

The upcoming Leica fixed lens full frame camera to be announced on June 12 will have a new 24MP full frame sensor. And the name is Leica Q Typ 116. Let’s see if Leica Q will be a killer of Sony RX1.

Rumored specs updated:

  • Name: Leica Q (Typ 116)
  • Similar to Leica monochrome but is smaller
  • 28mm summilux f/1.7  fixed lens
  • 24MP full frame sensor
  • Image stabilization
  • EVF
  • Price: 4.000€ (~4,500 USD).

via: La Vida Leica

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