Cooled Nikon D5500a Can Take Better Star Photos


Italian astrophotography company PrismaLuceLab has launched a modded version of the Nikon D5500 DSLR for taking better astro photos. The new camera is called Nikon D5500a, they use a cooling system on Nikon D5500 to keep image sensor cool and reduce noise during long-exposure photos. The Cooled Nikon D5500a, which comes with a 4-year warranty, is available now and costs €2190 (about $2420) at PrismaLuceLab.


Technical comment by Filippo: “There is no doubt that the cooled CCD cameras specially designed for astronomy have higher performances compared to a DSLR, although cooled and improved as our D5500a Cooled. This color camera is perfect for people looking for an instrument with large sensor and with a greater ease of use. Moreover, unlike almost all CCD cameras for astronomy, it allows you to record amazing pictures even without the need for an external PC to control it.

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