Ricoh’s new APS-C camera is “Ricoh GR” not “GR Digital V”


Yesterday, we posted some info about Ricoh’s new APS-C compact camera Ricoh GR Digital V. Now a new rumors from Digicame confirmed this APS-C camera name would be “Ricoh GR”, and here are some more info about Ricoh GR.
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Phase One 645DF+ Price, Release Date, Where to Buy

Phase One announced its new 645DF+ medium-format camera with new mechanics and improved focusing abilities. The companies also announced at the Photokina camera show here the new Schneider Kreuznach 28 LS f/4.5 Aspherical, a very wide-angle 28mm leaf-shutter lens built by Schneider Kreuznach for the Mamiya Leaf-Phase One cameras. The camera and the lens are priced the same; each costs $5,990 or 4,290 euros, and each will ship in October.

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Hasselblad Lunar mirrorless Price, Release Date, Where to Buy

Hasselblad has announced a plan to release a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera, which uses Sony’s E-Mount. The Hasselblad Lunar, which is expected to cost around 5000 Euros (~$6500) appears to share a lot of technology with Sony’s recent NEX, RX1 and A99 cameras, including the same 24.3MP CMOS sensor and OLED ‘True Finder’ EVF, and the same ‘TriNavi’ navigation system as the NEX-7. The Lunar, which is set for launch in the first quarter of 2013, will be available ‘in a choice of standard models plus a variety of exclusive hand grips and precious materials on special order’.

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RED Epic-M Monochrome Price, Specs, Release Date, Where to buy

Following on the heels of Leica’s M monochrome digital stills camera, RED have surprised us with the announcement of a black and white version of their flagship Epic cinema camera – RED Epic-M Monochrome. By removing the need to de-bayer the sensor data Red have managed to achieve a much higher quality black and white image than a standard Epic.

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