Canon’s New EOS 90D Has Better Dynamic Range Result than 80D


A user at FredMiranda has just tested the dynamic range of new announced Canon EOS 90D‘s 32.5MP APS-C CMOS sensor, and the result is that: Compared to EOS 80D, it has a big improvement of dynamic range. See the test result below:

Canon EOS 90D ISO 100:

  • DR at 32MP: 12.468
  • DR at 8MP: 13.480 (+1.012)
  • Read noise: 2.80125

Canon EOS 80D ISO 100:

  • DR at 24MP: 12.435 EV
  • DR at 8MP: 13.2343 (+0.7993)
  • Read noise: 2.86601

And when compared EOS 80D at higher ISO range, the EOS 90D shows a big improvement: