Canon EOS 70D more info (Dual Pixel CMOS AF, ISO 25600)

Canon 70D

Canon EOS 70D is expected to be announced on July 2, 2013. And specs already leaked on the web.

Here are more info about upcoming Canon EOS 70D:

70D Dual Pixel AF Specs explained from Digicame-info (In Japaneses, Translated by Google)

  • Is used as a phase difference detection element is divided into two each photodiode sensor on Dual Pixel CMOS AF.
  • Possible to focus only on the image plane phase difference AF.
  • It is one pixel in the sum of both for the two split normally. Phase difference detection is possible over the entire surface on the hardware because it is the same structure as full, but the periphery truncate the frame-like reliability of the information because the fall large influence of aberrations of the lens.
  • Are not used for the time being in Kiss series computational load is large, because of the high cost still.
  • I do not extend to the phase difference AF traditional, but it supposed to be a farewell to the live view slow in terms of speed.
  • There is also a mode similar to the hybrid CMOS AF used in combination with contrast AF lens for the old.
  • The ability to use the AF from one end of the light entering the lens, dual pixel CMOS, baseline length itself is longer than phase difference AF normal.
  • Itself you’re doing is the same as the image plane phase difference between the ordinary about but, AF pixels, so not a defective pixel, it is available to the AF all the pixels, AF of the entire screen is made possible in a strict sense But merit.

About Canon EOS 70D’s ISO 25600, from NorthLight-image:

Although some specs list the 70D as iso 12800 max, we’re told [thanks] that the performance at 25600 (the top setting available) is a great jump over extended ISO on the current 18MP sensors.

Online Store DigitalRev already listed Canon EOS 70D on thier website.

Images and specs not available yet.

digitalrev70d digital70d

Stay tuned for more info.

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