Canon 5Ds Reviewed by Fernando Guerra on Architecture

canon eos 5ds

CPN Europe posted another article on their website: “Exploring the EOS 5DS: Fernando Guerra on architecture”. Fernando Guerra is one of the world’s foremost architectural photographers. The new 50.6MP full frame EOS 5DS DSLR (Amazon/B&H Photo/Adorama) is the perfect tool for people in Fernando’s line of work, as well as for landscape and studio photographers.

From Fernando Guerra:

“In comparison with medium format, what I get with ISO 100 is maybe about the same. But even though I shoot things that don’t move, I move a lot and I catch a lot of the action around whatever I’m shooting. So, with a medium format, not only do you have a huge camera in your hands and a huge lens, the moment you start going up to ISO 200, 400, 800… you just start to have big problems. With this one [camera]… [there are] no problems with ISO or noise. I mean no problems at all. So that made a big difference.”

“This camera is good, because it’s a perfect evolution from what I’ve been using. On assignment I also had my 5D Mark III [camera] and then I could compare the two. When you look at the [5DS] camera, it looks like more of the same. But it’s not, because it’s the small details that count. And when you see the shot printed in front of you… that was the ‘Oh!’ moment. OK… I get it.”

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