Adobe doesn’t Support 5D Mark IV’s Dual Pixel RAW

canon5d-mark-IV-dual pixel raw

Adobe has just released the Camera Raw 9.7 for the support of Canon EOS 5D Mark IV and other new announced cameras. But Adobe said that they are not support Canon EOS 5D Mark IV‘s Dual Pixel RAW files in Camera RAW and Lightroom.

From Adobe:

Adobe Camera Raw and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom offer standard support for all Canon 5D Mark IV CR2 files. Please note that Canon’s Digital Photo Professional software is required for users that want to take advantage of Canon’s new Dual Pixel raw adjustments.

Note: Canon CR2 files generated with Dual Pixel raw enabled require that the “Embed Original Raw File” option be checked when converting to DNG. For this reason, converting to DNG on Import in Lightroom is disabled for Canon Dual Pixel Raw files.
Use Canon Digital Photo Professional with Adobe Camera Raw or Lightroom

  1. Open the Dual Pixel raw CR2 file in Canon Digital Photo Professional.
  2. Adjust the image using the specific Dual Pixel raw functionality.
  3. Adjust the white balance.
  4. Create a TIFF file with your adjustments.
  5. You can now import or open the resulting TIFF file in Adobe Camera Raw or Lightroom