7D Mark II AF-Setting Guide Book Available for Download

7d mark ii guide book

Canon has just released a new guide book about 7D Mark II‘s AF-Setting. A PDF book detailed explanations of how to master the 65-point cross-type AF.

Download this AF-Setting Guide Book Here


New AF Setting Operability
04 Newly established AF tabs AF menu functions are in a separate tab
AF Configuration Tool [Presets]
06 Select from Case 1 – Case 6 to match subject scenarios
08 Case 1 Versatile multi purpose setting
10 Case 2 Continue to track subjects, ignoring possible obstacles
12 Case 3 Instantly focus on subjects suddenly entering AF points
14 Case 4 For subjects that accelerate or decelerate quickly
16 Case 5 For erratic subjects moving quickly in any direction
18 Case 6 For subjects that change speed and move erratically
AF Area Selection Mode
20 AF area selection mode
22 Single-point Spot AF Focusing on a small or narrow area
24 AF point expansion Fast moving subjects that are difficult to track with a single AF point
26 Zone AF Effective for capturing subjects within an known area
28 Large Zone AF Capture subjects in a large zone from right, center, and left
30 65-point automatic selection AF With AI Servo AF all 65 points can be used for automatic tracking

65-point cross-type AF and lens group designations
32 System overview of 65-point cross-type AF
33 Lens groups compatible with 65 cross-type points
34 Lens groups compatible with 65 AF points
34 Lens groups compatible with 45 AF points
35 Lens groups compatible with 5 AF points
Setting the AF Shutter-release Characteristics
36 AF operation characteristics and shutter-release timing settings
Utilizing AF and the new Viewfinder
38 AF points can be set to switch automatically for horizontal and vertical shooting
39 [Orientation linked AF point] in [Separate AF points: Pt only]
40 AF points can be activated instantly by using [Switch to registered AF point]
42 Switching AF area selection modes
44 New customization features for the AF ON/AEL button
46 Intelligent Viewfinder II is equipped with versatile display functions
47 Anti-flicker shooting reducing the flicker’s effect on the exposure or color
48 Recommended settings

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