Zeiss Announced Macro, Wide-angle, Tele lens for iPhone and Other Smartphones !

zeiss lens for iphone

At CES 2016, ZEISS and Fellowes ExoLens brands launch mobile phone accessory photography – Setting a New Quality Standard with new Zeiss Macro, wide-angle, telephoto lenses. These three lenses are scheduled to be released in late Q2, 2016. The wide-angle and telephoto lenses offer excellent image performance with outstanding edge-to-edge contrast. The macro lens features a zoom function – unique for accessory lenses of this type – for flexible image composition.

exolens zeiss

Sample images:

zeiss exolens sample image 1 zeiss exolens sample image 2 zeiss exolens sample image 3 zeiss exolens sample image 4 zeiss exolens sample image


First look with ZEISS Lens Ambassadors

I was very satisfied with the performance of ExoLensesTM in this test, and I think the optics offer a very good addition for smartphone photographers.

ZEISS Ambassador Christian Dandyk

I have always felt that photography isn’t about capturing things how your eye sees it, its about shifting the perspective to show something in a new way to enhance the beauty. I can honestly say that now I have a reason to get excited about using my smartphone as a camera with the ExoLensTM. The enhanced sharpness and artistic perspective I can take rivals that of a prosumer range DSLR. When I show these photos to people they look through and say, “wow, great shots” then I tell them they were shot on an smartphone with the ExoLensTM and their jaw hits the floor, they can hardly believe it… I can hardly believe it!

ZEISS Ambassador Topher DeLancy

The high end optics and superior build quality of the wide angle ExoLensTM made it a joy to use in the field with the iPhone 6s. The advanced ZEISS optics allowed me to push the capabilities of my smartphone camera sensor and expand on what I can capture thanks to the wider focal length. While there are plenty of 3rd party lenses on the market, I have yet to come across one with the precision build and optical quality of the ExoLensTM.

ZEISS Ambassador Brian Matiash

This technology makes taking pictures with your smartphone professional. And thanks to the compact design I always have a high-quality wide-angle solution with me wherever I go.

John Win | Photography

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