Up to $350 off Nikon instant rebates end on March 30, will not be extended !

nikon lense rebate

The up to $350 off Nikon lens instant rebates will be end on March 30, 2013. And several retails said that this instant rebate would not be extended again after March 30 (the end of Nikon’s financial year).

While we don’t have the official program yet, we are being warned that most of the stand-alone lens rebates will end on March 30 and will not be extended. Some of these lenses have IRs in the $200-$300 range, it would be a shame for the customer to lose out when the lens is sitting in will-call for them.

They may come back as conditional rebates (requires the purchase of a body) but Calumet will not be reimbursed for any sales with the stand-alone rebate invoiced after 3/30.

So if you are planing to get some lenses, order before this Saturday.

Here is the list of all Nikon Instant rebates:

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