Sony A78 announcement delayed until 2014

Sony A78

Recent rumors from SAR, the Sony A77’s successor – Sony A78 won’t be announced until 2014. It will be delayed to 2014.

Previous rumors show that Sony A78 will coming in late 2013. The reason for this delay is that Sony A78 has little improvements from current Sony A77.

And it is Sony’s new policy to release a camera only if it brings considerably major advancements in features and image quality. And now before you become depressive here are the good news: Sony is developing new A-mount cameras that can outperform the competition. The status quo between Nikon-Sony-Canon is over. Sony wants to become “serious” and start a real war in the camera market. The A78 simply was not good but not really a game changer camera. This means that we only have to wait til 2014 to see new A-mount camera and by than we will see if it was worth to wait for it!

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via: SAR