First Review of EF 200-400mm f/4L IS USM Extender 1.4x from Andy

ef 200 400mm andy rouse

British photographer Andy Rouse spent 6 months with the new EF 200-400mm f/4L IS USM Extender 1.4X lens. His full review of this lens now available online. With some beautiful sample images.

From Andy:

About image quality:

In my experience, and I frankly cannot be arsed to do a pointless side by side comparison, the 200-400 produces images that are perfectly good enough for publication. I have published many images with it already, from high class A3 calendars to an advertising campaign ( all with the EXIF removed by the way ), and not once has the quality been questioned.

Final words:

It is no secret that I am in the Shakira fan club, you know that by now. Its even less of a secret that I am in the 200-400 fan club, in fact I am a fully paid up lifetime member. I just love this lens. As you have seen above, I have really used it hard in a variety of situations during the 6 months I have had it, and it has simply done everything that I have asked. No failures. Nothing to complain about. I have inspected all of the images that I have taken for any distortion, chromatic aberration or lick marks and I can say, hand on one of my two Vulcan hearts, that I did not find any. And remember I have been using a prototype, your production ones will be mint.

The Canon 200-400mm lens is the first in a generation, ground breaking, and how often have we been able to say that in the past few years. Who knows whether we will get IN-BUILT teleconverters in other Canon lenses, I am sorry but I am not party to that information! Its my view that the new Canon 200-400mm is just great, thats all I can say. In fact you know what, we should start calling it the 200-560mm lens because that is really what it is. Using the teleconverter is so seamless now that I dont even think about it, in fact most of the time I have it engaged and am using a 280mm – 560mm lens, perfect for wildlife, sports and aviation photography. Thats if you have a full-frame sensor of course, if you have a cropped sensor then you are effectively using a 300-840mm lens

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