AF-S NIKKOR 300mm f/4E PF ED VR Lens Sample Images

AF-S NIKKOR 300mm f4e pf ed vr lens sample images

Along with Nikon D5500 sample images, here are first official sample images of AF-S NIKKOR 300mm f/4E PF ED VR Lens. You can click the images to see full size.

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AF-S NIKKOR 300mm f/4E PF ED VR Lens Announced, Price for $1,999 !

AF-S NIKKOR 300mm f4e pf ed vr lens

Nikon has announced the new AF-S NIKKOR 300mm f/4E PF ED VR lens, this new 300mm f/4 lens is 30% shorter and 1.5 lbs lighter than its predecessor, thanks to the use of a Phase Fresnel design. It boasts four and a half stops in image stabilization.

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Confirmed: AF-S Nikkor 300mm f/4 FL VR lens to be Announced Soon

Nikon AF-S Nikkor 300mm f/4D IF-ED Lens
Nikon AF-S Nikkor 300mm f/4D IF-ED Lens

According to trusted source via NR, the next generation of AF-S NIKKOR 300mm f/4D IF-ED lens will finally be announced soon, as soon as CES 2015. The new AF-S NIKKOR 300mm f/4 FL VR Lens will have nano and fluorine coating, and the weight of this lens will be very light. Nikon has already filed at least two different patents for a 300mm f/4 lens in past several years.

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Nikon to Announced a New 24mm f/1.8 Lens in Early 2015

af-s nikkor 24mm f 1.4g lens
AF-S NIKKOR 24mm f/1.4G ED Lens

According to NR, Nikon is rumored to announce a new wide-angle prime lens: AF-S Nikkor 24mm f/1.8 Lens. This lens will be announced in early 2015, most on CES 2015 or CP+ in Japan.

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Save up to $800 on Nikon Instant Rebates with more Nikkor Lenses

d750 bundle

Nikon USA has released a new instant rebates for Nikon DSLRs and lenses. You can save up to $800 on Nikon DSLR and lenses. There are more lenses available for choose now, includes most popular lenses such as: 14-24mm f/2.8, 24-70mm f/2.8, 70-200mm f/2.8 and more.

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More Nikon Telephoto Prime Lenses will Have Fluorine Coating: 200mm f/2, 300mm f/2.8, 500mm f/4, 600mm f/4


According to Japan patent website EGAMI, Nikon filed several new lens patents about telephoto prime lenses, all of these high end telephoto prime lenses will support fluorine coating.

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Next AF-S Nikkor 600mm f/4 Lens will Have Fluorine Coating

af-s nikkor 600mm f4G ed vr lens

Japanese website EGAMI has posted a new patent for Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 600mm f/4E FL ED VR lens. This lens will replace current AF-S NIKKOR 600mm f/4G ED VR lens, with new Fluorine Coating feature. Currently, there are already two super telephoto prime lenses with Fluorine Coating: AF-S NIKKOR 400mm f/2.8E FL ED VR and AF-S NIKKOR 800mm f/5.6E FL ED VR.

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Best Telephoto Lenses for Nikon DSLRs


Telephoto lenses are designed for shooting sports, animals, moons, and other photography longer than standard lenses. Looking for a great telephoto lens for Nikon DSLRs? Today, we are showing you a list of best telephoto lenses for Nikon DSLRs. There are two kinds of telephoto lenses: Telephoto Prime Lens and Telephoto Zoom Lens.

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