Canon EOS 100D/SL1 First Look Preview Roundup

Canon EOS 100D

Canon just announced the world’s smallest DSLR EOS 100D/Rebel SL1. Here are some hands-on previews and first look impressions from digital camera news website. If you are planing to buy this EOS 100D, take a look reviews first:

Canon EOS 100D Hands-On Preview from ephotozine

5d mark iii vs 100d

The Canon EOS 100D weighs just 370g (excluding battery and memory card), and measures 116.8 x 90.7 x 69.4mm giving it a very compact body, particularly when shown next to the Canon EOS 5D Mark III for comparison. The small size means the 100D uses a new, more compact battery than the 650D, and battery life is rated at 380 shots for this camera, which is less than you get from the larger 650D.

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Canon EOS 100D Hands-on Preview from amateurphotographer

Slotting in between the EOS 1100D and 600D in the Canon line-up, the EOS 100D is intended to offer another avenue of choice for the potential user and is an interesting development. A mini EOS DSLR is sure to appeal to a wide range of people, be it first-time users or enthusiasts looking for a smaller camera they can take with them on occasions when they don’t want the bulk of their entire kit, but still want to use one or two of their lenses.

Competing not only with rival compact System camera brands such as Panasonic and their Lumix G5, the EOS 100D also appears to be a rival for Canon’s own EOS M CSC offering, raising potential questions over the future of Canon’s mirrorless strategy.

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Canon 100D Video Preview from TrustedReviews

As a mini EOS DSLR, the EOS 100D is bound to gain a lot of fans right off the bat. It’s priced to sit between the EOS 1100D and the 600D in Canon’s line-up, and as such sees Canon offering more choice then ever for the entry-level user. However, the 100D will find itself up against some stiff competition in the form of several impressive CSCs, although the benefits of DSLR technology – especially with regards to the optical viewfinder – should see it compete keenly. We look forward to getting our hands on a review sample for a full, in-depth review nearer the launch date.

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Canon 100D Preview from DPReview

Overall, the EOS 100D owes much of its operational performance and behavior to previous Rebel-series cameras. This is no surprise, as Canon is typically conservative with iterations of its popular entry-level lineup. The fact that the EOS 100D can retain so much of the Rebel heritage at such a dramatic reduction of size and weight is a testament to some clever under-the-hood engineering.

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Canon EOS 100D pictures and hands-on from Pocket-lint

All in all the 100D is a rather clever little thing. Saying that we’d be more inclined to buy the more feature-rich 700D as preference for the sake of £50, while the impact of competitors’ compact system cameras is also something to consider. In many respects its Canon’s array of high-quality glass lenses that works to the its advantage, and yet the bulkier, longer lenses won’t suit being mounted on a smaller body and, therefore, smaller grip.

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And Some Canon 100D Video Previews:

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