• Samer Momani

    If any Nikon staff is reading this, please consider a mirror-less option during high frame rate photography. It made since when we used film, but with digital there is no excuse not to “digitally” shutoff the sensor and maintain other functions operational to adjust for focus, lighting, etc. A high HD video is a must, high and clean ISO is a must, body strength is a must. I have owned the D800e for about 8 months now and for the record, I dropped the camera a week old and the back broke open like a 35mm film camera! To my surprise, the camera worked fine and for fear of excessive cost of repair I super-glued it!!! What I saw is not a metal frame but more a “hybrid” compound that looked more like a carbon-based polymer. The camera is great under most conditions but less spectacular than what media claimed it to be. For those who used medium format film, something special is missing–possibly the subtle 3D quality and imperfection of film and slide vividness. Convenience and high ISO are superior for digital without any further complains. I hope Nikon will price this new camera for less than projected 8000 euro–more in the realm of D4.

  • Ponny

    The specs looks really cool, 12fps, 54mp sensor, wonder can Nikon really make a camera like this, I guess only Canon can make the EOS 3D !

  • Buy D4X

    Come on, D4X, I will sell my D4 and purchase you !

  • Ben Jenkins

    c’mon D4x, i will wait for everyone to buy you and i will pick up a cheap D4!!! HAHAHA!

  • Cammece Capitalbrock

    D4 sux.. better off with a 1Dx

  • gav

    Nikon back to making their own chips?? Guess they don’t have a choice now that Sony is shaking the industry up…

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