Watch Leica, Panasonic, Sigma L-Mount Photokina 2018 Live Stream Event Now !

You can watch live event of Leica L-mount right now.

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Breaking ! 2 Panasonic FF Mirrorless Cameras (IBIS, 4K60P) and 3 L-mount Lenses to be Announced on Photokina !

PanasonicG9 leica SL mount

We are getting more and more rumors about upcoming Panasonic Full Frame Mirrorless Cameras. According to 43R, on September 25th, Panasonic will announce two new full frame mirrorless cameras and three full frame mirrorless L-mount lenses.

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New “” Website Coming Soon for Panasonic FF Mirrorless Camera

PanasonicG9 leica SL mount just reported that Leica and other companies (Panasonic, Sigma ?) will soon announce a new website “” in next several days. This is another confirmation that Panasonic full frame mirrorless camera will use Leica SL mount.

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Panasonic, Leica, Sigma will Join Together for the New Full Frame Mirrorless System (Leica SL Mount)


As rumored before, upcoming Panasonic Full Frame Mirrorless Camera will use Leica SL mount as their new lens mount. Now according to 43R, it seems that Sigma will also join this new full frame mirrorless system.

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