Sigma DP2 Quattro Image Sharpness is Similar to Pentax 645Z Medium Format

Sigma Quattro dp2

Sigma’s next level new compact camera Sigma DP2 Quattro is already announced for several months, release date will be in June, 2014. According to Belgian retailer PCH, the sharpness of Sigma DP2 Quattro’s images are similar to new announced 51 MP Pentax 645Z medium format camera.

From PCH via Facebook: (Translated by Google)

A Medium Format camera features the latest generation 51MP CMOS sensor and I will not mention the brand, but there is not much equipped with this sensor and a DP2 Quattro. 

When it comes to sheer image quality and sharpness, the Quattro looked equal to this 51-MP medium-format camera.

via: SR

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